How To Make Soy Milk Taste Better? – Home Made Recipe 2020

soy milk, how to make soy milk

Soymilk or Soy milk is a final drinking product of soya beans after soaking, boiling, grinding and straining. Soy milk is a stable emulsion of water, oil, and protein. One can get this ready from any supermarket or provision store but making it at home is more beneficial, approximately five hundred times better and cheaper than the ready to use the product.  So for all those who are looking for how to make soy milk, this article is for you. 

To make it we need soybeans and daily equipment for our kitchen. Yes, and you need little patience But before we go to the recipe, first discuss what the benefits of homemade soy milk are?

  • First thing is we do not add any additives, preservatives and chemical sweeteners
  • You can set the amount of sugar as per your choice.
  • The cost of homemade milk is about eight times cheaper than the market product that is approx. $1 / gallon.
  • You can drink it directly, make a smoothie or blend it with fruits. So are you ready?

How To Make Soy Milk Taste Better?


  1. Non-GMO or organic soybeans which are uniform in size- 42.5 g
  2. Filtered water or spring water: 2 cups (you can add more if you need it)


  • Colander or bowl-shaped strainer 
  • Blender or mixture
  • Large and medium pot
  • Reusable Muslin cloth 
  • Potato masher (optional) 


30-45 min and overall approx. 12 hrs. 


2.5 cups


  1. Buy soybeans that are organic or non-GMO with yellow color and clear hilum.
  2. At the time of cooking, if you do not take care, there are chances that all the things can mess up. 
  3. Use a non-stick pot. 


Step 1: Soaking The Beans

  • Rinse the soybeans well with water and put them into a small bowl. 
  • Soak 42.5 g soybeans in 2 or 3 cups of water. Add a sufficient amount of water so that beans covered in water by approx. 5- 6 cm. 
  • Soak them overnight and in the morning check that they easily split or not when you squeeze. If yes then beans are done. 
  • Now split one and look inside it. If it is flat and buttercup yellow, it is ready to use for soy milk for hair growth
  • If you fail any of the above steps, let the bean soak for a few more hours. The soaking time recommend by us is 10-18 hours and depends on the quality of beans.
  • Remove the water using the colander, and reserve the water until you get a total of 2 liters of water. 

Step 2: Time To Grind  The Beans

  • Take approx. 1.25 liter of water and heat it over medium to high flame. If you have a non-stick pot, then use it, because it will make cleaning easy. 
  • Take 500ml of reserved water and grind the beans using blinder or mixture. Grind until it looks like a thick shake or milkshake. 
  • Pour this thick puree into hot water. Rinse the jar or blender with 125 ml of the reserved water and add into pot.
  • Step 3: Cook The Mixture Of Beans
  • Now on a medium flame cook the soybean mixture for 4 to 6 minutes. Stir it with wood spatula stirring the bottom frequently with a wooden spoon so it may not stick at the bottom of a pot. 
  • When it starts foaming, it’s done. Turn off the gas and stir it to deflate. Keep an eye on this mixture; it can boil over easily. Note that this mixture can boil easily so be aware otherwise you have to do more work. 

Step 4: Set Up A Straining Equipment 

  • Soy milk for skin is good to use when you made it at home, but for that, we have to move to the next step that is straining. 
  • Take a medium pot and inside it put the bowl shape strainer inside it. Line the colander with a muslin, and keep the edges of the cloth on the rim of a pot. Take a potato masher or any other equipment to reduce your work. 

Step 5: Pressing The Beans 

  • Now pour the mixture slowly in the cloth and when the cloth is full, wait till the milk strain. Repeat the procedure until you are done with the full mixture. 
  • Now press the cloth and strain the milk. Now collect the ends of muslin cloth and twist it.
  • If it is too hot for you, let it cool and follow the above procedure and extract more soy milk.
  • You can extract more milk by pressing the cloth. In the end, add 125 ml of reserved water and stir it less look like polenta. Now follow the pressing and twisting to extract milk. 

Step 6: Cook The Milk

  • Over a medium or high heat cook the mixture for hardly 5 minutes with a wooden spatula. Remove any skin on the surface with a strainer.

Step 7: It Is Ready!

  • You can drink it or make tofu or any other dishes. You use soy milk for hair thickening agent, too.


It is all about how to make soy milk. We hope you find it easy. In case of any doubts or further specifications, use the comment section to ask your questions. You can also share your recipe that you made from soy milk. Thank you!