What is Bronze Skin Tone? (Pictures Included)

bronze skin tone, bronze skin

Have you ever heard the term bronze skin tone and you were left wondering what that meant? Today is your lucky day. In this article, you will learn what bronze skin tone is and how to makeup tips on what to wear.

What is Bronze Skin Tone?

Bronze skin, bronze skin tone
Bronze Skin Tone

To answer your question, bronze skin tone is a person who has brown skin with red or golden undertones. It is considered to be a lighter brown skin color compared to other brown skin tones. Eye colors on those with bronze skin color range from brown, black to olive. People with bronze skin color refrain from burning in the sun and always tan instead. Bronze skin tone is considered to be the lightest brown skin color of all, but it is a little darker than those with caramel skin tone.

Fitz skin tone scale, fitzpatrick scale, fitzpatrick skin tone scale
Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale

How To Get Your Skin Tanned or Bronze in Color?

Fortunately, there are several products/lotions which can help you get your skin tanned and help you look a little bronze. Here are the products.

Why is Bronze Skin a Rare Tone?

These skin tones are rare and unusual in presence; this skin tone is characteristic in different areas. The increased amount of melanin gives the skin more pigmentation to the surface, and eventually, the skin becomes browner. The brown color graduates to the bronze appearance of the skin.

Is There a Difference between Bronze Skin and Black Skin

As a matter of fact, there is. The difference is not a huge distinction but in bronze skin tone, the skin is a slight tinge of brown in the texture. The reason behind this is that a decreased amount of melanin in the skin gives pigmentation. With black skin, the tone is a darker shade

Nationalities that Have Bronze Skin Tone

Every skin tone has its specific part and origin. Certain areas and regions where the bronze skin tone is defined. Mostly American regions cover the bronze skin color. The bronze skin color is standard is American areas and middle town. Here’s a lot of people and celebrities are living who have a bronze skin color.

Craig David Bronze Skin
eva bronze skin, eva bronze
Eva Marcille Bronze Skin

Bronze Skin Tone Overpowers the Sun

Here’s the part about people with a bronze skin tone that others will be jealous over. Bronze skin tone protects one from the sunlight because these skin tones have more immunity compared to those with pale skin who are more easily effected.

For the whole summer, the bronze skin tone is safe from any terrible sun rays creating a horrible sunburn being able to withstand long hours under the sun without damaging the skin unlike people with lighter skin.

Taking Care of Your Body

Just because your bronze skin prevents you from getting a sunscreen does not mean that you shouldn’t wear sunscreen. Look after yourself and listen to these tips on what you can do to look after your skin. Drink Soy Milk for better skin tone results or for glowing skin.

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Check product ingredients before using them
  3. Limited baths
  4. Wash face twice a day
  5. Sleep
  6. Avoid the use of strong soaps
  7. Balanced diet

Other Advantages for Bronze Skin Tone

Having a bronze skin tone makes one less at risk of several skin diseases including skin cancer. Bronze skin is resistant to damage from environmental factors, providing protection to the surface.

Want to know what else bronze skin is resistant to? Wrinkles! That’s right, people who have bronze skin skip the wrinkles gaining a younger appearance as they age! The skin looks more youthful than compared to one with lighter skin at the age of 40.

You Look Ten Years Younger!

That’s right, The skin looks fresher and tight if you have a bronze color of the skin. People with bronze skin tones have a younger appearance as opposed to lighter skin tones. Bronze skin tone looks more youthful and fabulous. The surface of the skin looks so good that it looks flawless.

Disadvantages of Bronze Skin Color

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to those with bronze skin color. There is a higher risk of rickets as compared to people with light skin tones. These skin tones have less of a risk to produce and attain Vitamin D thus causing weaker bones in the body. Weak bones can cause serious damage to the body. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to problems like rickets.

People with bronze skin have been called out as less attractive compared to people who have light skin. Never let these negative comments get you down. You should love your skin tone for what it is and be proud.

Skin Care Tips for Bronze Skin Tone

Bronze skin color looks outstanding in texture and appearance. Wearing the right makeup is very important for those who have a bronze skin tone. Not all makeup colors and textures will suit those with bronze skin. To refrain you from buying endless supplies up cosmetics that will only end up being a waste, in the long run, listen to these creative makeup tones and make that night out a night of fun.

  • Lips: Wear bright and cold colors. Bright orange-red is a great color to make the lips stand out. Experiment on different bright colors to make your lips look beautiful.
  • Cheeks: Giving your cheeks a nice makeover is very important. Cream blushes do a magical job on one’s face with bronze skin. Give your cheeks a nice highlight using bronzing powder, brown blushes, of you, could also use hot pink. Lighter shades of blush will not show up.
  • Eyes: It’s time to smolder up your eyes. Eyes are the most important out of any part of your face. Eye shadow boosts your eyes giving it a defining look. You can do anything with your eyes from using black kohl eyeliner, black mascara, or a pink golden eye shadow. Get those eyelashes in the picture and give them a nice curl.
  • Foundation and Highlighter: This is not the time to use lighter foundations because as you guessed they are not going to show up. However, that does not mean you should use darker foundations. Lighter brown foundations bring out bronze skin color. Using a highlighter for areas like your nose, above the lips, and against the cheekbones adds an extra glow. 


There are different types of Bronze Skin tones and most of them are very rare and depend on the person’s ethnicity and where they were born and raised.

It is mostly found in Mexico, Brazil, southwest of the United States, Philippines, and even India.

Bronze Skin is a type V skin type according to Fitzpatrick scale, thus it’s not found very often in people. Anyway, let us know your viewpoints regarding in the comment section below.

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