10 Cool Ways to Lace Your Shoes Together

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It’s time for children to tie their own shoelaces together. There are many different ways you can show your child how to tie their shoelaces. Instead of making it boring, make it cool and creative. Shoes are important anyway because they are a way to show them off to the world, so make your shoelaces count. Here are 10 cool ways to lace your shoes together.

Cool Ways to Lace Shoes – Fun Ideas

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#1 Try the Loop Back Lacing Technique

All shoes come with different laces. Having long shoelaces are the worst and are an extreme tripping hazard. To avoid any nasty tip-overs try this cool way to lace shoes. To lace shoelaces in a loopback technique, all you have to do is:

  1. String lace through the last eyelets
  2. Repeat this process about five times, making shoelaces into x’s and placing them into each eyelet
  3. Once there are no more eyelets, tie the shoe into a tight bow, and then show them off the world!
loop back lacing, cool loop back shoe lacing

#2 Try the Popular Style Bar Lacing

Here’s a creative way to lace shoes. In this unique cross-over under the bars lace style, people are going to look at your shoes and like them in an instant. There is not just one way to tie laces together. To learn how to tie shoelaces in a Style Bar fashion here is how:

  1. String each lace evenly through the eyelets,
  2. By using the right string as the leader guide it through each eyelet, moving straight across
  3. Then, taking the left shoestring, pull it through the third eyelet
  4. Just repeat this process and then your Style Bar laces are complete
style bar lacing, bar lacing, bar shoe lacing

#3 Try Lattice Lacing

The Lattice Lacing Shoe Technique is one of the coolest shoe tieing processes you are ever going to witness! The Lattice Lacing Technique is known to give your ankles a comforting hug. It’s tricky, but here are directions on how to tie Lattice Lacing shoestrings together.

  1. Place the laces into the final eyelet of the shoe
  2. Take the right string in the last eyelet and place it into the fourth eyelet on the left
  3. Repeat this process twice
  4. Place the string in the last eyelet and place it in the fourth eyelet and repeat a similar process to the right shoestring
  5. Once it is finished you have your Lattice Lacing shoe ready for the day.
lattice lacing, lattice shoe lacing

#4 Be a Super Star for the Day

We’re all superstars! Try out this cool way to lace your shoes. With this creative technique, you can actually lace your shoes into the shape of a star. Here are instructions on how to make a star in your shoes.

  1. Take the left shoestring and pull it through the third eyelet
  2. Connect it to the fourth eyelet right above, until placing it into the fourth eyelet on the left
  3. After making a zig-zag down the shoe, make a star

#5 Create Lightning Laces

Have you ever thought about what Harry’s Potter’s lightning bolt scar would look like as a shoelace design? Now it’s your chance! Here are creative tricks on how to tie the Lighting Lace

  1. Place shoelaces in the last eyelet
  2. Cross left up to the first eyelet on the right
  3. Cross the left shoestring into the third and then into the second right eyelet
  4. Repeat process

#6 Create a Diamond in You Laces

Diamonds are beautiful, aren’t they? Teach your child how to do the Diamond Laces. Shoes come in all sorts of different brands, colors, and if you’re lucky you can have shiny shoes that sparkle. Instead of showing off the sparkles, make your shoelace design the talk of the town.

  1. Place shoelaces in final eyelet
  2. Pull the right into the third left from the bottom, and then back through second to last
  3. Repeat a similar process with the left shoestring
  4. Keep repeating this process until you have a diamond
diamond lacing, diamond shoe lacing

#7 Try the Basket Weaves Laces Trick

If you’re not going somewhere in a hurry, here is a cool way to tie your shoelaces and then go on a walk showing your shoes off the neighborhood. Here’s how to tie your shoes together with basket weaving laces trick

  1. Pull shoestring through the first eyelet on left, and then into the final left eyelet
  2. Place the string into the right eyelet, and then move across the shoe repeating the process
  3. With a different colored shoestring, pull up through original shoelaces in checkerboard fashion
  4. Tie original laces into a bow

#8 The Linked Loops Laces

Don’t tie your shoes together with one lace. Get another shoelace that’s a different color and try the Linked Loops Laces. Here’s how you can tie this shoe into a creative design.

  1. Lace the first string into all the eyelets on left of the shoe, skip the first whole
  2. Repeat a similar process with different colored string on the right
  3. Loop the laces together in the middle
  4. Place the lace on left into the first eyelets

#9 Laces that say ‘No’

Have you ever thought about shoelaces that can say ‘no?” Here’s a cool way to tie shoelaces into this neat design.

  1. Pull the string through the bottom right eyelet, cross to the left
  2. Place left string into the third hole from the bottom on the left, then cross to the right
  3. Do a similar process on top eyelets until connecting shoelaces on outside of holes on the bottom
  4. Repeat on opposite eyelets
  5. On top, cross from third left eyelet to the top right outlet to complete ‘N’
  6. Cross string all the way down to bottom right eyelet to complete the ‘O’

#10  Build a Ladder with Laces

When you look down at your feet, a ladder is a cool shoelace trick. For kids who like watching firemen climb a ladder, here is how to create Ladder Laces.

  1. Tie right shoelace through the bottom right eyelet, connect with top eyelet
  2. Pull right shoelace into the first left eyelet, cross to the bottom left outlet

Intertwine shoelaces into each eyelet, stretching across shoe into a ladder

Final Thoughts

I’d suggest you try out new shoe lacing techniques on your own, it’s always fun to try it on own and discover new cool lacing shoe tricks. And in fact, if you happen to discover something really fun and unusual make sure to share it with us in the comment section below.